Experienced Personal Stylist based in Tunbridge Wells with over 20 years in the Fashion Industry

Having spent the last 20 years based in London’s West End as a successful design director of a well-established wholesale and retail company, Gabrielle decided to share the knowledge she gained from her experience and create a personal fashion stylist service. From her base in Tunbridge Wells she now guides people wanting to restyle themselves and their wardrobes.

The key to restyling is having a good understanding of how outfits and colours work, how they can complement the body and create the illusion of a good shape. Gabrielle believes that anyone can wear any colour – it is just a question of picking the right strength and shade of that colour. The best wardrobes are the ones with a good mix of clothes, incorporating outfits that suit your lifestyle and make for easy dressing. When you are comfortable in your clothes, you are comfortable in yourself.

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Trends will develop and change but how you intepret them will in the end always be exactly what matters...